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The Georgia Firefighters' Pension Fund was established as a voluntary pension system in 1955 by the Georgia General Assembly, to supplement primary pension benefits provided by entities establishing fire departments.

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A copy of the proposed update to the Rules and Regulations adopted by the BOT on June 17, 2015 is now available for member review. Included are changes from the 2014 legislative session related to the addition of part-time firefighters and the prevention of credit being earned by anyone under a sentence of confinement. Also included are some changes from the 2015 session:
• 513-7-1-.04 (5) Clarifies a break in service, and, continued eligible service for those administrative positions grandfathered under the 2006 code change.
• 513-7-1-.04 (9) Explains the qualifications and details of purchasing prior eligible service.
• 513-7-1-.08 Details penalties related to late submission of the “Chief’s Departmental Affidavit”. 
• 513-7-1-.09 (3) (d) Grants the department the ability to recoup dues paid by the department on behalf of a member who later receives non-credit for the time which the dues covered.
• 513-7-1-.15 Explanation of the calculation of reduced benefits due to early retirement.
• 513-7-1-.16 through 513-7-1-.20 These Rules have been re-arranged and re-numbered but contain no wording changes.
An original copy with the proposed changes is available by clicking here, and a clean (finished) copy is available by clicking here.
Address all comments to:
The comment period runs until 8:00 AM August 10, 2015


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